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Datahunter uses machine learning algorithms to rapidly and accurately analyze any data source. Gain deeper insights and uncover previously hidden risks to deal with privacy compliance, cloud migration preparedness, data cleansing, and AI readiness.
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Personal identifiable information is just one element of risk in your Data.
Changing processes, new apps, 3rd parties, customers and employees are just some of the sources for new and rapidly accumulating data and use cases. Sensitive information and the utility within the organization elevates the need for a robust, platform independent, and modern data management platform.
Over 6 million developers handle PII datasets in 2020
Do your developers have access to your customer's sensitive data?
2.5 Petabytes of personal data are collected every hour in multiple systems by a fortune 500 company
Are you able to remain vigilant and compliant with the sensitive data in your growing datasets? Are you agile and able to adapt?
60% of organizations would fail with a privacy data breach
Most organizations are unprepared or are not addressing the risks that could irreparably damage their reputation.
How Datahunter Serves our Customers
Datahunter's unique data analysis and PII identification machine learning capabilities allow organizations to understand their structured and semi-structured data like never before. Reviewing your data with Datahunter provides a clear understanding of your data related risks, the opportunities to improve your data quality, and helps you capitalize on revenue growth and operational efficiency initiatives.
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About Apption
For 15 years, Apption has been a trusted service provider at the leading edge of cloud data management and artificial intelligence. Apption embraces a culture of 'Privacy by Design' that reflects in our service offerings, staff, tools, and techniques. This culture affords Apption the privilege to manage our customer's most sensitive data. Datahunter exists because of our passion for cloud, AI, data management, and the importance of data discovery and privacy.
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