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AI-Powered Discovery for Sensitive Data

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Apption is an award-winning data science firm founded in 2005.
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The Data Discovery tool approved by the Canadian Federal Government.



Every data governance program starts with discovery. Locate sensitive data and draw insights from your files and databases.


Datahunter runs securely on your local or cloud infrastructure to help automate your governance processes.


Datahunter's drill-down reports provide a common view of data contents and risks for all stakeholders.


Classify, remediate, and protect your sensitive data to enable your organization's data initiatives.
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Supported Solutions


Sensitive Data Screening

Screen incoming and outgoing data with Datahunter to protect your organization against security risks.
Implement approval workflows at the ingestion stage in your data workflow and enforce data quality standards with your third-party partners.
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Data Audits

Automate your Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Payment Card Industry (PCI) Audits, and more with pre-configured templates.
Confirm no sensitive or protected data lives outside of secure locations and produce auditable reports.
Automatically identify and catalog records for PIPEDA, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.
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Breach Investigation

Quickly assess and report what sensitive data was compromised in the event of a data breach.
Proactively limit your organization's exposure and create actionable reports.
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Migration Planning

Plan your data migration initiatives to minimize costs and compliance risks.
Gain visibility into unknown data stores and proactively manage your sensitive data.
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Data Quality for Analytics

Apption is your data partner for your entire project lifecycle.
We leverage Datahunter to provide data quality services such as address matching, identity resolution, and standardization.
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Dark Data Inventory

Analyze large stores of unknown data quickly and efficiently.
Discover hidden risks and assess your readiness for data analytics and AI initiatives.
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  • Democratized Reporting

    Reporting that bridges the communication gap between business users and technical users. Analysis and reporting is supported in both English and French.
  • Any Data Source, Any Format

    Many existing solutions rely on column headers or are only built to scan relational databases. Apption leveraged its machine learning expertise to build a solution that is extensible to any format and any identifier.
  • Unrivaled Accuracy

    Datahunter uses AI technology and 9 years of Apption developed text analytics algorithms to analyze huge stores of semi-structured and structured data with a low computing footprint. As a result, Datahunter can handle complex text data such as addresses.
  • Lightweight and Flexible

    Designed to be integrated into your existing data workflow and on any cloud provider, Datahunter prioritizes versatility and time-to-value.
  • Privacy-by-Design

    A platform that can run isolated and fully encrypted on our client’s secure cloud or on-premises infrastructure.
  • Fast Time-to-Value

    Download Datahunter off-the-shelf and extract your data risks in minutes.
  • Full Solution

    Apption’s commitment to our clients as a long-term partner means we will support the end-to-end solution that meets your business requirements and helps you extract maximum value from your data.

Supported Data Sources

Datahunter Editions

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    • 30 Day Trial
    • Demo Dataset Included
    • Local Install
    • Analyze CSV / Excel
    • Scan SQL Server / PostgreSQL Databases
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    • Everything in Essentials
    • Azure / AWS
    • Automated Risk Indicators
    • Data Quality Discovery
    • AI Readiness Assessment
    • Cross Entity Analysis
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    • Everything in Professional
    • Any Database or Data Source
    • Custom Configurations
    • Custom AI Identifiers
    • Custom Integrations